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July 28 2011

July 07 2011

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July 01 2011

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PETA - Kampagne 'Wildtiere raus aus dem Zirkus!' Tom Kaulitz.
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PETA - Kampagne 'Wildtiere raus aus dem Zirkus!' Bill Kaulitz.
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PETA - Kampagne 'Wildtiere raus aus dem Zirkus!' Bill Kaulitz.
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PETA - Kampagne 'Wildtiere raus aus dem Zirkus!' Bill & Tom Kaulitz.

June 26 2011

The best part of being Georg… He has found his true love.
— Tom Kaulitz. ♥

June 16 2011

May 25 2011

March 29 2011

Always listen to yourself. Believe in you and believe in what you do. And even when other people say you can’t handle that…
— Bill Kaulitz.

March 25 2011

When I’m in love, I always do stupid things. My heart decides what I do and I can’t think logically anymore. You can’t control yourself anymore either.
— Bill Kaulitz.
It’s important to be yourself.
— Bill Kaulitz.
If you’re really in love, you don’t care about all the other girls that are standing in line for you.
— Bill Kaulitz.
I’m very romantic. I really believe in true love, a love that you only find once in a lifetime, if you have the chance. Because, I think that many people never find it, which is very sad. But, I’m not a guy who flirts easily with girls. I believe that there’s somebody out there for me. I’m still searching.
— Bill Kaulitz.
I admire the fact that Tom is such a great guitarist and he works very hard on it. Also I am happy with the fact that he is just the brother that everyone would wish for. I can count on him for 100%. My trust in him has no limits.
— Bill Kaulitz.
Are you ok, so far? I think we all have people in our life that mean very, very much to us, who give us a lot of strength and who always are behind us. And still, we are all searching for one person, the right person, the person that is still much, much more than love, the person that means everything to you - and Georg, I wanted to tell you that today you are not that person.
— Bill Kaulitz.

March 17 2011

I used to be the most important person in Georg’s Life before his girlfriend ;)
— Tom Kaulitz ♥
Tokio Hotel isn't just a job for us. It's our life.
— Tom Kaulitz ♥ & Bill Kaulitz.

Personally, i’m a big fan of Tokio Hotel because of the guitar player. I think he’s one of the best guitar players in the world.

— Tom Kaulitz ♥
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